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Covid-19 vs Weddings

Dear fellow wedding supplier,

By now the shock of our current situation has started to wear off. Plans have been made, we have reconciled and focussed our energy.  Days now seem flow into one another, during a time when we should be at our busiest. We had all mentally and financially planned for ‘wedding season’ to peak and then, nothing.

Panic and fear can have two outcomes. One is marked by inaction, hopelessness and rash decisions. The other by focussed troubleshooting, diversifying and rational planning.

During this time, we have decided to pour our energy into uplifting our wedding community and breathing fresh air into a somber situation.

We still have so much to be grateful for as wedding professionals in the Western Cape! We still have the best venues, the most creative souls, the highest level of service delivery and the best couples choosing to get married here.

We have created this platform in celebration of you! We are in this together and we will just be stronger on the other side.

Much love!

Niki & Madri
Top 10 Team