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Our tips: Book your suit designer

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What will it be, a suit or tuxedo?

A well-tailored suit could be what the groom prefers and would also be appropriate for a more informal wedding. While a tuxedo would set the groom apart from the groomsmen and guests and is a must for a formal wedding. This is the one occasion where a tuxedo will not look out of place.

Keep the bride’s dress in mind, after all this needs to be a well-put-together picture as a couple. It is essential to get the advice of an expert wedding suit designer here. The groom needs to complement his bride with his attire, keeping his own preferences and personality in mind. Discuss this together.

Although trends are fun, they really come and go very fast. Keep in mind that you still want to look at your wedding picture in 10 years’ time and not cringe. That does not mean you have to be boring! You will probably be surprised at how many options there are available for guys to play around with when it comes to choosing the fabric, style, colour and texture of your suit.

There are very few things as luxurious as acquiring a made-to-measure suit for your wedding day. Enjoy the process, have fun and always bring in a little bit of personality and lots of flair.