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Considering a wedding video? A cinematic documentation should be right at the top of your wedding wish list! There is absolutely no substitute for sound and movement. Hearing the vows and reliving the heartfelt speeches. It is also the ultimate gesture to share with your guests post wedding – including the ones that might not have been able to attend.

You will thank yourself over and over for making the choice to book one of our Top Video Companies.  Make sure to play the videos full screen for the best experience.

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We have listed the top wedding videography companies in Cape Town. To receive a quote from all the Top Wedding Video Companies showcased above, click here and click Request a Quote. Also read our TopTips post to plan your Wedding Budget.

As a wedding planner I believe that a video is one of the most important things to book when planning your wedding and with so many options, it is not necessary to break the budget to do so. I have never met a bride that said she is happy she didn’t have video after her wedding. Those once in a lifetime moments and words should be captured on film and should be re-lived at least once a year on your wedding anniversary – Niki, The Event Planners